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Throughout this year I will address the thesis: "A centralized effort between nations is required to best utilize the decentralized properties of blockchain technologies which enable privacy, security, and economic freedom for citizens globally."


My Interest in the Topic

  • Crypto invites unprecedented access to international collaboration

  • We are still very able to shape the future of this tool

  • I am fascinated by the technology involved

Topics Covered

  • GDPR & international regulations

  • Challenges and benefits of crypto adoption (at every scale)

  • Security and economic effects of crypto (and its potential human rights implications)

  • Blockchain technology for cultural exchanges

Project Requirements

  • Annotated Bibliography​

  • Research Paper (P embedded below)

  • 2 Additional Products:

    • An infographic comparing the timelines of different countries' regulation strategies within various contexts

    • A written showcase and analysis of 2 case studies where blockchain was used to address poverty and improve agricultural supply chains in China

Cryptocurrency timelines infographic
Blockchain case studies

Learn about some of my most crucial sources used below

Also check out my Global Issues Project from last year which explores different ways that nations have reacted to cryptocurrencies.

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