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The Global Studies Program encourages attendance of events which primarily focus on:

  • Community engagement

  • Understanding others' perspectives of historical and ongoing issues

  • Advancing conversations and finding practical solutions

These goals apply to the Global Studies Themes:

The arts, the environment, globalization, global public health, human rights, non-violence and war, religion, sustainability and technology/communication

Below are some of my reflections on events from the 2021-2 and 2022-3 years. More will be added as they occur.

Conversation with Bruce Becker

Sustainable architect Bruce Becker spoke to our class about responsible construction, recycling buildings, and his newly opened net-zero energy project: Hotel Marcel 


Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art + Williams College Art Museum

We spent the day at these two museums and got to see a phenomenal variety of art.

Conversation with Dr. Hazza Abu Rabia & Visit to Palestine Museum US

Dr. Hazza Abu Rabia spoke about his experiences as a Palestinian refugee. We then visited the Palestine Museum US to learn more about Palestinian culture and history.

Palestine Museum US Logo
Flee Poster.jpg

"Flee" Documentary Viewing

"Flee" is  primarily animated film following "Amin's" story as he flees his country. It teaches strong lessons about the overlooked yet tremendous struggles of refugees, and shows the importance of "home"

CT Forum: The Fight for Racial Justice

The CT Forum, held at the Bushnell theater (attended virtually) hosted Julián Castro, Cathy Park Hong, Baratunde Thurston, and moderator Melissa Harris-Perry to share their experience and wisdom regarding racial justice.

CT Forum Promo

World Affairs Council of CT and Mark Twain House: "How Civil Wars Start"

Professor Barbara Walter of the University of California, San Diego shared insights from her research on the United States' Political Instability Task Force.

Civil Wars Book

The cover of Barbara Walter's book

Conversation with Ghenwah Karbeet regarding experience as refugee

Ghenwah Karbeet joined the Global Studies Program in a Zoom meeting to discuss her experience as a Syrian refugee living in Turkey.


Research on the Fairy Creek Blockades and conversation with Arvin Singh

Ongoing nonviolent protests in Fairy Creek, British Columbia against old-growth forest logging have shown the importance of community in activism.

Anti-Defamation League Never is Now conference

NiN logo

This conference offered many sessions via zoom to educate viewers on different mediums of hate and anti-hate. I attended the opening session and "Click. Like. Share. Why regulating social media platforms is so difficult"

watkinson logo

Watkinson Day of Community and Belonging

Watkinson held this virtual event to hold discussions about togetherness and improvement at school. Keynote speaker Jason Craige Harris asked us to focus on the stories that we tell about others which might exclude them from the community, and then we had in-depth conversations in age-based groups.

Bethel Woods Art Center

The Bethel Woods Art Center built on the site of Woodstock provides resources for understanding the festival's execution and the state of the country which led to it in the late 1960's. We partook in brainstorming-based conversations, visited museum exhibits, and watched a short film.

adl event_edited.jpg

Anti-Defamation League's Walk Against Hate at Watkinson

Many dozens of attendees and volunteers (including the Global Studies class) came together on campus one morning to discuss and pledge to combat the rampant issue of hate. After a few speeches the entire group walked together to emphasize the connections between unique communities and our common goal.

Global Security Forum

Broadcast on Zoom by the CT Wold Affairs Council, the Global Security Forum brought together phenomenal panelists with immense experience in the field to discuss a wide variety of issues pertaining to the future of international conflict.

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